We identified 6 common Digital Marketing issues that block success and weaken growth for many companies. Apply the 6 solutions below to immediately get results and boost your business.

Elements of Digital Marketing
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    Define your Digital Marketing Strategy

    A majority of businesses don’t have a Digital Strategy. But most companies do use one or more online channels. Companies that define their strategy can gain a substantial competitive advantage in their market.

    The first step is to test your current online performance. Some of the tools we use to test online performance are SemrushAhrefs, and Google Analytics. 

    With the results, you can then set clear goals for your online presence. 

    Get people to find your business when they search for what you sell. Make sure your buyer personas love your content and can use it correctly on smaller mobile devices.

    Are you engaging a relevant audience?

    Then, define a Digital Strategy that helps you reach those goals. Where can you find your customers? And what benefits can you offer your customers online? Can you separate different types of customers into groups? And how can you address these groups so they might become customers? 

    What channels are best suited to communicate with these groups?

    With your plan ready, weave it into your organization and set clear expectations. Measure your performance so you can continue to tweak and improve.

    Get Exceptional Results from your Website and other Channels

    When people search for what you sell, your products might not show in the top search results. Getting your business in the top-5 search results should be one of your priorities. Ranking high is one of the cornerstones in your Digital Marketing strategy.

    Search Engines only show top-quality content that is relevant to the search. Your content needs to answer the user’s search query. Your quality rating is a sum of many factors, like relevance, authority, and backlinks. These are things that you control!

    There is also some content that only Search Engines see. It gives the Search Engines extra information about the website and its content. This invisible content also affects your search ranking. And it determines how the content displays on search results.

    Mobile users get search results that work best on mobile. So content that loads fast and shows perfectly on small screens.

    Finally, people have to find what they need fast. That includes their preferred language, slang, date and time formats, units of measurements, and currency when applicable.

    Reaching more people, depicted by two hands reaching out

    Reach your Target Audience

    To reach your required audience, you need to optimize the use of available channels.

    Channels can be your website or blog, your social media accounts, your Youtube channel, or other. 

    Your content needs to be fresh, relevant, and compelling. Your content has to answer the needs of your target audience.

    Getting links from other prominent websites is a crucial factor for your position in search.

    To further improve your reach, use Search Engine Advertising or Display Advertising. Both allow you to target people with high accuracy.

    If you want to reach customers abroad, localizing your web presence is essential. A correctly localized website will look and feel like a local company.

    Turn Visitors into Customers, depicted by two people shaking hands on a deal

    Turn your Visitors into Paying Customers

    If your visitors are not turning into customers, your channels may not compel visitors to take the right action. Asking people to take specific steps leads them down the sales funnel to the final sale.

    Also, you could use Email and Retargeting as effective ways to draw people back to your website. When people stop halfway a buying decision, do you use these methods to recapture leads?

    When people cannot use their available or desired payment method, you lose a sale. If they cannot remove or edit shopping cart items, they might abandon it instead. If they lack confidence in your ability to deliver timely, that’s another lost customer.

    Make sure you have a good Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and clear Terms of Service.
    Visible references from satisfied customers could help draw many over the finish line.

    Return Customers depicted by an image of a Boomerang

    Make sure your Customers Return after the first Sale

    Fulfilling or exceeding expectations will set the basis for returning customers.

    Offer quality, accessible and localized support and solve problems fast. 

    Acknowledge and answer criticism positively and honestly. When possible, show you have already taken action.

    Use Email and Display Marketing to promote loyalty to your brand. 

    You can also use Search Ad Campaigns to strengthen your brand perception.

    Performance review with Analytics, depicted by a Bar Diagram with Uptrend Line

    Know Exactly how your Website and other Channels are doing

    Know exactly how your website, ads, blogs, and others are doing in great detail. 

    Analytics tools are free at most Search Engines and Social Media sites. 

    These tools give you a great insight into the effectiveness of your Digital Marketing strategy. And they offer great insight into every aspect of your online performance.

    Use it to tweak and optimize every detail of your online presence and campaigns.

    Analytics also warns you of technical and usability problems. And it will ensure a return on investment for all your online ventures.

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