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The unconventional story that led to our Digital Marketing company in Hanoi, Vietnam

First Digital Networks

Marc is the founder of He started building, managing, and selling corporate computer networks 33 years ago. It began with ‘dumb’ terminals connected to mainframe computers. Nationwide corporations used dial-up connections to move data from one mainframe to another.

Developments happened fast, and business was booming. In the early ’90s, the internet started to replace corporate dial-up networks. Marc’s career grew as quickly as the business. Yet another passion called, and he decided to become an Airline Pilot.

Into the Skies

And so started a 26-year career as an Airline Pilot and Captain. It took him across the world, working for different Airlines in different countries and continents.

As an Airline Pilot, you sometimes work a lot, and at other times less. So early on during his career, he founded his own Internet company.

Internet Business

The first two companies concentrated on Web Design and E-Commerce in The Netherlands. In Italy, he created a Web Design business, working with educators. Today,, in Vietnam, specializes in Digital Marketing.


And it could not have come to Vietnam at a better time. The Coronavirus shows us that we need to be able to conduct contactless business. It requires a thorough re-think of our supply lines and production capacity. It demands a much more detailed strategy for Digital Marketing.

You can find us in Long Bien, Hanoi. We work with a trusted network of Freelancers for Creative Design and to assist with large projects. And we’d love to help you develop your Digital Strategy for the coming decade. One that is robust enough to endure crises, such as the Coronavirus has presented us in 2020.

Founder of, Digital Marketing Solutions

Hi, I’m Marc, the Founder of Seqment. I love Creating, Flying, and Digital Marketing
I’m also passionate about modern physics, cosmology, mathematics, and the need to reverse climate change. I’m undecided about Capitalism, Socialism, or other alternatives, as none seem to solve the big problems we face. 
I did some thought experiments using directed artificial intelligence to come up with better alternatives. But all of them seem to have serious side-effects. But then again, what’s worse than many countries have now as President?
I’m a happy husband and the proud father of a 3-year young daughter and a son arriving in September 2020. The only things I miss in Hanoi are mountains, nature, and snowy winters.

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